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xml javascript combo box toolkit library
It is entirely free and published under the MIT license
library, allowing to create as possible simply
different multifunctional form components such as
"Combo Box", "Select List", "Input Autofill" etc.

Library provides a lot of features, such as:

simple templating system based on XHTML/CSS and XSL;

very comfortable functions to load list items via AJAX;

input autocomplete (Google Suggest analogue);

library supports to choose multiple number of list items;

list-management and navigation from keyboard;

and much many...

It is very simple to create and configure your personal form-component. You should only knew HTML and basics of XML or JSON. All of settings are described in a separate XML-file (or JSON-string), which can be loaded in the certain place on any HTML-page by one string of JavaScript or PHP code. The detailed instruction can be found at the official site site in section Documentation.

Library works fine on:
MSIE 6.0+ / Firefox 1.0+ / Opera 8+ / Safari 2.0 / Google Chrome / Konqueror.
Some browsers doesn't support JavaScript includes and AJAX-functions.

Please inform me about library work in other browsers, errors and bugs. Also i ask you to inform me about errors on site. You can advance all of your wishes and offers in the discussion. Thank you.

I'm especially thankful to Endeveit for translation of the documentation and great contributions to project's development!

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