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Current stable release: 2.7

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2.7 @ 09:00 05.02.09: Now in Safari, Konqueror and Chrome!
2.6.3 @ 02:00 11.12.08: !DOCTYPE bug fixed.
2.6.2 @ 20:00 04.07.08: Fixes for new Opera 9.5, selectOption() method fixes..
2.6.1 @ 18:20 02.05.08: Small bugs fixed.
2.6 @ 20:20 25.08.07: Changed directory hierarchy; PHP-parser has been optimized; fixed some not critical bugs.
2.5 @ 00:40 17.06.07: Import attribute mode (see doc.) added; input autocomplete feature (Google Suggest analogue). Attribute ontype, allowing autocomplete data from server "on-the-fly"; attribute fillstart. Resolved bug with ownvalues (see doc.) attribute. Logic attributes can be set not only true, but also false (by default). Was added FWC.evalSmartSelectTags() (see doc.) method. XSL-part of toolkit has been optimised.

2.0f @ 15:47 26.06.07 : Prototype upgrade to version, mistakes with JSON-creation and decoding in IE are corrected. XSL-files loading has been optimized.

2.0b @ 03:00 20.06.07 : Added ability to lists instant creation without XML via newSmartSelect() method and JSON. Added addOption() method, majority of API-methods are expanded and optimized. Switch to Prototype.AJAX instead of JsHttpRequest, PHP-loader functions are expanded, added methods to load data not only by XML, but also via JSON. Added function of animated opening and closing of lists, also showspeed and hidespeed attributes has been added. Added new skin - ss_alx, mistakes in ss_winxp are corrected. Added atribute splitter. Images "on-the-fly" loading has been optimized. Optimized many other functions.

1.0.4 @ 07:00 13.06.07 : Added ability to create custom list-items attributes. The algorithm of closing lists are optimized. Optimized value4form function.

1.0.3 @ 14:45 09.06.07 : Resolved error in input-data function,attribute oninit added. Prototype upgrade to version 1.5.1. License switched to MIT.

1.0.2 @ 04:30 23.05.07 : Core refactoring. Improved speed of library work.

1.0.1 @ 17:00 19.05.07 : The majority of mistakes corrected. Work of some functions has been optimized.
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