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Unlike standart SELECT , the FWC:SmartSelect library gives varies features of personification of created lists. Now you can use all XHTML and CSS features for appearance adjustment of your lists. You can also use your knowledges in XSLT for creation internal elements of SmartSelect listboxes.

1. CSS: skin-attribute of fwc:select-tag.
There are three default skins in the library - ss_winxp, ss_opera, ss_alx. In case when skin attribute doesn't set, library detect browser automatically and applies the skin. Usually ss_winxp skin used, the ss_opera skin used only if user's browser is Opera.

You can set one of these skins manually, then it will be applied always, without dependence from a user's browser. For example, in the documentation menu at this page skin ss_alx is set by default.

You can create your skin, based on default skins. There you can set the majority of CSS-definitions for HTML-elements of the list. Copy the file /templates/ss_winxp.css to the folder where there are xml-files (.xml and .css should be placed in one folder) to which you wish connect this skin and rename it as it is convenient to you, don't use in a name "ss_" sequence. Next replace all references inside of it by CSS-classes according to a new file name and apply necessary changes in CSS-definitions. Now you can easily connect created skin to any XML-file with your listbox through skin attribute, just set the skin name in it (without .css extension).

You can use HTML directly in XML tag fwc:select. However you should observe some rules:

  • You should use not simple HTML, but the well-formed XHTML Вы должны использовать не просто HTML, а корректный XHTML-код, or anything willn't work! The short definition of XHTML is here.

  • Any of tags should be placed only inside of fwc:select tag.

  • It is not recommended to place fwc:option tags inside of any other tags if your listbox is huge. It slows down primary initialization.

  • If you doesn't disabled autofill function, don'o't put more than one fwc:option tag inside of others. It will break work of this function.

  • 3. XSL: design-attribute of fwc:select tag.
    If you are experienced user, you can use the XSL-files for XSLT-layout. The technology is similar to skin creation technology. Use /templates/design.xsl file as template.

    4. fwc:option tag's attributes.
    You can set your own attributes, for example style attribute for any items of list.

    If you set classes names through class attribute, their definitions should be in a skin file, since the highest priority will have this file.

    Be accurate onmouseover and onclick attributes, they will block standart handlers!
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